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“Sincere love of Jesus can only be demonstrated in service. Love is the condition and prerequisite of service.”

~ Archbishop Etienne, June 7, 2019 Mass of the Reception

Official Mass Attendance Counts

It's time for Mass counts again! To make it easier, this year we have a digital form you only need to fill out once at the end of the month with your total numbers for each weekend Mass Oct 1-31st.  A few reminders:

  • Please count attendance at each weekend Mass during the month of October.
  • Please complete separate forms for each parish and mission.
  • Please count everyone in the church including children and the liturgical ministers. (Please do not estimate.)
  • If unusual circumstances affect attendance on one of these weekends (e.g., a parish anniversary/installation, First Communion, a single Mass for the entire parish), please note this.

Please submit your Mass count by November 5th, 2021.

The archdiocese launched a new Pastoral Plan in May 2021 called Knowing Jesus Christ, Embracing his Mission.  Learn about the planning process and how to bring it to life at your parish.

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