God is calling you

We all have a vocation

These pages were created to help you discover how God is calling you. He loves you personally and intimately through Jesus in the Holy Spirit, and at your baptism he called you to a vocation to build the kingdom and grow in holiness.

Our vocation is who we are; a career is what we do. Read on to continue to discern your vocation, whether that is to Married Life, Diocesan Priesthood, Religious Life, or the Diaconate.

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Discernment Pray about what God wants you to do!

Discernment is the process by which we discover God's will for us. Be patient. Discernment takes time and does not happen in a vacuum. It involves all the experiences of our lives — how God has called and formed us. Healthy discernment puts our gifts into focus and, equally important, cuts away what is not necessary.

“God, what do you want me to do with my life for you?”

~ Archbishop Paul D. Etienne

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