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Adult Employee Requirements

  • Background check completed on or before the first day of work and every three years while actively employed.
  • Abuse prevention initial training completed within 30 days of starting work if not completed previously, and refresher training every three years while actively employed.
  • Policies read and signed on or before the first day of work. 

Adult Employee Information and Resources

Updated 7/2024

Minor Employee Requirements

Updated 7/2023

Church Personnel Under Age 18
Minors Working with Younger Children

For our purposes, ‘minor’ is defined as any child under the age of 18. If they have reached their 18th birthday they are considered adults. Minors do NOT create Virtus profiles. (The system will not even allow them to do so.)

    • Minor employees must sign a Code of Professional Conduct Form.  Both the parent/guardian and the minor must sign/date the form verifying understanding our Archdiocesan Safe Environment policy in regards to minors who work with younger children.
    • Minors age 16 – 18 (prior to 18th b-day) must apply for a background check.  Their parent/guardian must sign the form giving approval for the search.  Background checks for minors may not be submitted without the signature/date of parent/guardian on the form (in two places).
    • Both of these forms (Code of Conduct and BGC Authorization) must be returned to the parish or school SEP coordinator for processing. The minor may not begin work until all completed forms have been received and background check resulted (if they are of age for BGC). All documentation is retained in paper form permanently.
    • Minors may not work in a capacity in which they supervise children, unless they themselves are supervised by someone age 21 or older.  It is the responsibility of the parish or school to ensure that adequate adult supervision is provided for the duration of the minor's work.
    • When the minor reaches 18 years old they should be instructed to create their Virtus profile. The manual background check result can then be entered manually into the BGC tab in Virtus. The system will not allow them to submit another BGC if it is within the 3 years.

Employee Information and Resources for Minors

Updated 7/2023

Other Employee Resources