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Confirmation Policies

Confirmation Retreat Resources

Includes one-day and two-day templates to host your own Confirmation Retreat.

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Safe Environment

Employee Toolkit - Requirements for church employees (adults and minors).

Volunteer Toolkit - Requirements for adult volunteers (age 18+) as well as minors (aged 16-17) working with youth.

Parish Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Toolkit - Requirements for teaching Circle of Grace children’s safety program each year: Program overview, implementation guidelines, forms and other materials necessary for a complete program.

More Information

For additional information regarding Circle of Grace, click here or contact Cathy Wiswell, Safe Environment Program Coordinator (email).

Code of Behavior

For Youth

For Youth - Spanish

For Adults

For Adults - Spanish

Code of Professional Conduct for Minors - required for ALL minors working with younger children. Must be supervised by an adult over the age of 21.

All Insurance Forms

All Insurance Waivers


For questions related to forms and waivers, contact Marc Snedden, Assistant Director of Insurance and Risk Management (email).

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Youth Ministry Model Infographic

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