Agape - Food Bank & Services

"The measure of our compassion lies not in our service of those on the margins but only in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them."

- Father Greg Boyle

The Social Services of Agape

Agape Food Bank

We strive to serve the farmworker and Spanish-speaking community of Whatcom County by providing food, clothing and community support and by building personal relationships. We believe that our connection to community and cultural competence are at the heart of our work to support families’ nutritional needs and health.

In addition to food and clothing, we offer diapers & baby supplies, hygiene items, toys, books, backpacks and school supplies. We host a kids play section, to provide parents the freedom to send their kiddos to burn energy or create art while they shop.

Providing the quality and quantity of culturally-relevant food items, diapers, feminine hygiene, etc. requires us to purchase almost everything we offer. This is our commitment to dignified food access so that those who harvest the food in our community can achieve their own nutrition security. We are grateful to the many foundations, grants, and group and individual donors who join us in this work and make it possible. Know that you play a critical role.

Over the past few years we have served an average of:

  • 2019: 158 households weekly
  • 2020: 98 households weekly
  • 2021: 113 households weekly
  • 2022: 295 households weekly
  • 2023: 642 households weekly - a total of 7,067 households and 24,245 people over 11 weeks

Our incredible partners include: Bellingham Food Bank, Lynden School District, Food Lifeline, Catholic Community Services, CHS NW Lynden, American Heart Association, SeaMar Community Health Centers - Farmworker Promotores Program, Sustainable Whatcom Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation, Albertsons Foundation Nourishing Neighbors, Puget Sound Energy Foundation, Eleanor and Henry Jansen Foundation.

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Food Delivery

A program of Bellingham Food Bank that Agape is blessed to be the hands and feet of, we are able to provide culturally-relevant food, diapers, baby food, and feminine products directly to homes. This distribution is provided to help families have easier access to food as many experience challenges such as transportation, time, and extended work hours. For 8 weeks during the summer, we deliver food to an average of 147 families weekly at 4 different farmworker housing sites around Whatcom County (a total of 1,183 households).

Agape participants distribute baby & hygiene supplies at farmworker housing

Health and Human Services

With the goal of making our food bank a resource hub, we invite partner agencies to provide services and resources beyond our capabilities.

We are honored to host these incredible partners: Community to Community, Inspire Development Center, Whatcom Goodwill Job Training and Education Center, Skagit Valley College Cardinal Career Scholars & CAMP Program, Wage and Hour Division, Opportunity Council Rental Assistance, Labor & Industries Language Access Program, NWESD 189 Migrant Education, Assumption Catholic Church, Bellingham Food Bank, Empower Next Generations, Whatcom County Libraries, SeaMar, Vamos Outdoors, NAMI, OIC.

Part of an organization who wants to offer your resources/services to the guests at Agape Food Bank? Sign up here.

Hospitality Table / Taco Stand

The goal of the hospitality table at Agape Food Bank is to increase the joyful, dignified and relational aspects of the food bank by providing a hot meal while families get their groceries. 

We are grateful for the delicious food from Chispita de Sabor and La Gloria Market, and the many generous donors who make this meal for 300+ individuals possible each week.

2022: 575lbs of carnitas were served at 5 weeks

2023: 9,050 tacos, 1,640 tamales, 350 burritos served over 11 weeks

Agape volunteers serve food to guests at the Agape Food Bank taco stand

Summer Enrichment

Multiple times per week, Agape facilitates educational and recreational activities for the children of farmworkers at 3 farmworker housing sites. Activities include reading, science experiments, arts and crafts, soccer, red light/green light, a community meal ... and lots of bubbles!

Do you have a fun activity you can offer to a large group of kids (ex: magic show, cooking lesson, giant soccer)? Email:

Agape offers summer enrichment activities at farmworker housing

Supporting Just Farms

Supporting organic, just farms is an important aspect of social justice as we work to change and improve the farming systems. Our groups volunteer at farms throughout Whatcom County to support a better version of agriculture and to care for creation.

Our incredible partners include Bellingham Food Bank's Gleaning Project, Bellingham Country Gardens, Growing Veterans, Breckenridge Blueberries, Common Threads School Gardens, and Christ the King Farm.

Agape participants do volunteer farm work to support justice-oriented farms & care for creation

College Scholarships

In 2019, Agape began awarding college scholarships for farmworkers pursing higher education as a way to further support the farmworker families. The scholarship recipients are awarded $500.

2019: 4 recipients

2020: 5 recipients

2021: 3 recipients

2022: 5 recipients

2023: 5 recipients - increased to $1,000 because of generous donations

Agape college scholarships for farmworkers pursuing higher education