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Update (November 2023)

Milestone Upon Milestone Brings Us Together!

We are approaching some key milestones in the Parishioner Engagement project and our use of ParishStaq and Pushpay. Recent accomplishments include:

  • All parishes completed the large group trainings at the end of October.
  • Initial training on giving statements have been conducted.
  • The parishioner app will be rolled out in mid to late November.
  • The final sets of data migration uploads will be completed in November.

Congratulations for meeting these important milestones and thank you for all the work needed to get there!

Upon achieving these goals, it is important to reflect on why we started this effort. The need for standardization of our data and processes in parishes was the initial driver for the Parishioner Engagement Project. This standardization allows sharing of staff and the consolidation brought by Partners in the Gospel to be done more easily.

The most important reason for this challenging project is to connect parishioners to each other and the groups and ministries that serve God’s people. Through the app and the group and ministry features, parishioners will be able to stay connected to those people who feed their desire for community. People live on their phones, and ParishStaq and Pushpay allow us to gain our share of screen time.

As we celebrate the milestone of having everyone on ParishStaq and the availability of the app, let us take a moment to reflect on all the good things that will be achieved as a result of your efforts.

Learning & Implementation


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