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Update (May 2023)

We now have 97 “Campuses” involved in the Implementation Process!

Our Pilot Wave, Early Adopter Waves, and General Waves 4-7 participants continue their implementation of ParishStaq. As of the release date for this C2P article, we have close to 175,000 individual member profiles from the first 47 sites. After Easter, they were joined by 45 new participants in Waves 6 and 7. We are loading people profiles for Waves 6 and 7 over the coming weeks. We expect the number of individual member profiles to double as the databases for the new waves are loaded.

As of April 23rd, we have 9 of our locations fully out of their PDS databases and operating solely in ParishStaq. This is due to the hard work of staff in preparing their data initially, investing in training with their Pushpay coaches, and commitment to the project. Thank you!

Of the 47 sites with people profiles migrated, 13 have set up and launched Pushpay giving to their parishioners. We have multiple sites launching in May. It’s been great to hear the stories from parishioners and staff about how easy the setup is to get recurring gifts set up on the new platform.

The LEAD app is in heavy use at our two pilot locations and our early waves have begun introducing the tool to their communities. Their staff and trusted volunteers have been using the app to check in the volunteers for their serving opportunities, lookup and connect members with groups and events, and to get quick map directions for home visits. This will prove to be an important tool for staff, pastors, and lay leaders.

Of the other tools that are part of ParishStaq, we have over 100 active forms in use, close to 900 groups setup, 100 process queues, and over 350 people who are actively logging into their databases.

Many thanks to the hard work of our Implementation Team, and the staff and trusted volunteers from our Pilots, Early Adopters, and General Waves 4-7 participants. Without their time and talents, we would not be off to such a great start. Thank you all!

Three common themes for those that are having the most success:

  • They involved several staff and trusted volunteers to form their “core team” from the very beginning of the process.
  • They cleaned their current data and invested the time to understand the who and what was important for the move to the new tool.
  • They continually invest staff meeting time discussing their implementation and how best to leverage the ParishStaq tools.

If you have further questions, please contact Bryan Gummersall, Project Manager


Contact your designated Implementation Team member or send a message to us via the team email.