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Update (May 2024)

From Implementation to Stabilization and Optimization

As we continue our work with stabilization and optimization of our ParishStaq implementation, we turn our attention to some further cleanup of the migrated data. During data migration, we migrated several fields from PDS into “custom fields” in ParishStaq.

  • Envelope User
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Maiden Name
  • Second ID
  • Family Formal Salutation
  • Family Mailing Name
  • Family Informal Salutation
  • Member Formal Saluation
  • Member Informal Saluation
  • Member Mailing Name

Following the ACA Follow-Up letter timing, we will be moving the majority of these to newly provided PROFILE fields in ParishStaq. The vendor has added these profile fields in response to our requests and in consultation with other Catholic Dioceses. The cleanup process involves our team and the team from Pushpay moving the custom fields values to the newly provided Profile fields.  Visit the Learning and Implementation website to view the mapping from custom to profile and the final removal or retention of the custom field.

Key Notes on Migration

  • When we migrate data between custom fields to profile fields, we will NOT overwrite data in the profile fields (if they are populated) as we’ll assume that is the good data.
  • We will work closely with NCS Envelope Company to ensure that they are aware when we make the Envelope User checkbox migrations, so that they can be sure to pull the proper envelope files.
  • We will update and have available the OSV Envelope extraction instructions prior to migrating the Envelope User data.

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Learning & Implementation


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