Second Consultation for Revised Proposed Parish Families

Thank you for taking time to provide us with your input on the revised proposed parish families. This supplemental consultation welcomes input on the revised proposed parish families. Hearing from staff and parishioners is important for us as we listen to the Holy Spirit to discern how we move forward with Partners in the Gospel.

We recommend centering yourself with prayer before beginning this input process. You may wish to use the Partners in the Gospel prayer :

Note: Your parish leadership should have provided you with your revised parish family. Please refer to that document when providing your feedback on the recommended, changed family, which is different from the original family discussed in the first round of consultation. If you are unsure of your new proposed family, please reach out to your parish office.

About You

What concerns do you have about the proposed parish family?

Are there any changes you would recommend? Please indicate why you make this recommendation.

What opportunities or possibilities might this parish family offer?

What hopes do you have for this parish family and/or for the Partners in the Gospel process in general?

Any other thoughts to share "(including suggestions for family changes)"?