Meet the Christifideles Candidates

Fall 2023 Cohort

We are very happy to introduce you to the candidates called to be formed by the Christifideles program for service as lay ecclesial ministers. Together they will participate in the program’s offerings for human, spiritual, pastoral, and intellectual formation while studying for an advanced degree with one of our partner institutions. If would like to learn more about this program, send an Email to Dn. Eric Paige at

Kimberly Abadir - Christifideles
Ryan Arneson Christifideles
Rebecca Burdullis Christifideles Cohort
Dulce Casanova Christifideles
Holly Dodd Christifideles Cohort
Gizelle Gando Christifideles
Mary Hernandez Christifideles
Carla Mayuri Christifideles
Amy Nash Christifideles
Caroline Okello Christifideles
Jessie Sanchez Guzman Christifideles
Patrick Sharkey Christifideles
Jackie Shirley Christifideles
Kim Walker Christifideles

Why Candidates?

The individual members of the Christifideles cohort are called candidates, not because their acceptance in the program is contingent, but because at the successful completion of their spiritual and academic program each will be called forth by the archbishop to be commissioned as Lay Ecclesial Ministers for the Archdiocese of Seattle. They are fully students, studying in three different graduate programs, but they are offering their knowledge and skills in service to His Church and as such are candidates to be commissioned formally to faithfully serve Christ with the blessing of the archbishop.


Questions?  Contact Deacon Eric Paige via email or call 206-382-4864.
Lay Ecclesial Minister Formation