All Souls Day

All Souls Day

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, or All Souls day, is celebrated by the Church on November 2. It is not a holy day of obligation, but many parishes celebrate extra Masses on this day.  Check at your parish, or to find one near you, click here.

“The Church is composed of the faithful living upon the earth and those who have gone before us. The latter includes the Saints in Heaven and the faithful Souls being purified in Purgatory. Just as on November 1st we honor those who are with God, on November 2nd Catholics celebrate a Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. Also known as All Souls Day, on this day we honor them for their fidelity in life, as well as pray for them, since they are being purified before entering the All Holy Presence of God. As Revelation 21:27 says of the Heavenly Jerusalem, “… nothing unclean shall enter in.””

~ EWTN’s website


Nov 02 2024


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