Dynamic Form Test

The first section of our testing is focused on a few key word choices

The second section of our testing is focused on sentence selection:

Least CompellingLess CompellingSomewhat CompellingMost Compelling
While the population of Washington has increased nearly 30% since 1999, Mass attendance has decreased 15.5%
While total births in Washington increased 17.2% infant baptisms decreased 21.5%
While civil marriages in Washington have increased nearly 5%, Catholic marriages decreased 45.9%
Today the archdiocese has 80 diocesan priests for 174 locations and by 2036, we estimate we will only have 66 diocesan priests, an 18% decrease.
As an example, "Least Compelling" should be used once for all of the statements.
Least CompellingLess CompellingNeutralMore CompellingMost Compelling
Like parishes across the country, our parishes have experienced diminished parish life for a variety of reasons.
Our demographics are changing, and many parishes can no longer support aging infrastructures and a vibrant faith community on their own.
Parish infrastructure and schedules were created in a different era.
We have parishes that are not full for Mass, buildings that are underutilized, priests who are overworked, and resources that are spread too thin.
Right now, our resources (people, money & infrastructure) are spread too thin and impeding the work of our mission.
Least FavoriteLess FavoriteMore FavoriteMost Favorite
We want parishes that are Partners in the Gospel – building up the Body of Christ to share his love and joy with the world.
We want to redirect all our efforts so that we are in a better position to share the joy of the Gospel.
Together we have an opportunity to transform parishes that can be Partners in the Gospel – making the words of Jesus relevant and alive for everyone today.
Our goal is to advance the mission of the Church, which is to help people encounter Jesus, accompany one another and live the joy of the Gospel.
Thank you for your time today. We really appreciate your feedback and insights. Your input will help us position this important work, which will have real impacts across the Archdiocese of Seattle. Again, please keep this session confidential. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Helen.McClenahan@seattlearch.org.