Campaign overview

Thank you for your support of the Called to Serve as Christ Campaign. The campaign started in 2018 to raise long-term funding for the retirement and medical needs of priests and women religious and to support individual parishes. The active phase of the campaign concluded in early 2021 and is currently in its pledge fulfillment phase.

The campaign has received $59.5M of the $65.9M that was pledged by more than 23,000 people.

Campaign results

  • The priest pension fund received $22 million which strengthened the ability to meet the expected long-term needs of our active and retired diocesan priests.
  • The retired and active priest medical fund received more than $8.2 million which provides ongoing resources to support diocesan priests.
  • Women religious orders who have served and continue to serve our communities have received more than $13.5 million to support their retirement and medical expenses.
  • The parish share of $8.9 million provided funds to support special parish projects.
  • Additional pension fund support in the amount of $635,000 is benefiting priests who work in the archdiocese from religious orders.
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