Request a sacramental record

Before you request:

Please contact the parish where your sacrament was celebrated. Parish contact information can be found at: If you are unsure which parish to contact, email us at

For sacraments celebrated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, you can request at:

The Archives holds a limited number of sacramental registers. You can search our inventory here before submitting a request:

If you don't see your church or date of sacrament listed, email us at

Access to Sacramental Records

For privacy protection, you may request the following: 

  • your own record 
  • your child’s record if they are under the age of 18 
  • records of family sacraments that occurred 90 years before the current year, provided the subject of inquiry is deceased. Proof of death may be required. 

You may not request the records of living family members, including your child over the age of 18. They will need to make these requests personally. 

Sacramental Record Request Form

Sacramental Record Request
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