Partners in Gospel is the next stage of the strategic pastoral planning effort taking place across the Archdiocese of Seattle to re-invigorate and renew our local Catholic Church.

Parish families form

Starting July 1, 2024, the 136 parishes in the Archdiocese of Seattle become 60 parish families, with eight stand-alone parishes. Each parish family will be led by a pastor or pastoral coordinator, and many will also have a parochial vicar assisting. Together, over the next three years, the parish family will work to form one new canonical parish, while creatively re-envisioning how they will serve their community.

Archbishop Paul D. Etienne released a letter to the People of God to commemorate this important and historic next chapter in the Archdiocese of Seattle:

Read Archbishop's letter

Official appointments

Archbishop Paul D. Etienne and the Priest Personnel Board released the Official Appointments on April 6, 2024, including pastors, parochial vicars and other assignments. 

Official Appointments:  PDF | Flipbook

Archbishop Etienne's announcement letter:  English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Final parish families

Final parish families for the Archdiocese of Seattle were announced February 3, 2024, after a year of careful planning and consultation. 

Archbishop Etienne's announcement letter:  English | Spanish | Vietnamese

What people are saying

We heard these expressions of hope from all around the Archdiocese of Seattle last year throughout the input and consultation process.  


What is Partners in the Gospel?

Partners in Gospel is the next stage of the strategic pastoral planning effort taking place across the Archdiocese of Seattle to re-invigorate and renew our local Catholic Church. It will bring most parishes together into a new family structure with two or more parishes. The pastor, parish leaders and parishioners will determine how this new family will best join together to carry out the mission of the Church as one parish. 

Why do we need Partners in the Gospel?

Today we face many realities that impact parish life and make it difficult to fully live out our mission. This archdiocesan-wide renewal effort will help us better support vibrant, sustainable, mission-focused parish communities across the entire Archdiocese of Seattle.

Videos and reports

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            Partners in the Gospel Introduction Video

Watch the video to learn more about this important initiative.

   Spanish | Vietnamese

           Current Reality Video - Understanding the Why

Provides a snapshot of the archdiocese today and outlines data and trends across the region.

   Spanish | Vietnamese

Read the full Current Reality Report:  English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Click here to read the Parish Family Feedback Report published November 2023. 

Learn more

After watching the videos above, learn more about Partners in the Gospel from the following resources.

What's next

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Read Archbishop Etienne's Partners in the Gospel Pastoral Letter

In Archbishop Etienne’s pastoral letter, Partners in the Gospel: A Pastoral Letter to the Priests and People of the Church in Western Washington, he addresses the changes in our archdiocese over the last 10 years, his vision for parish leadership and structure, and ways to measure parish health and vibrancy.  Read the letter:

In English | In Spanish | In Vietnamese

Partners in the Gospel - Prayer

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Perpectives on Partners in the Gospel

Father Michael Dion, pastor of St. Michael Parish in Snohomish

Jesus Gomez Sanchez, parishioner at St. Joseph Parish in Vancouver 

Rosa Luna, parishioner at St. Pius X in Mountlake Terrace

“Why is Partners in the Gospel necessary? I would simply say that with all of the changes that we're facing today, globally, culturally and within the church, it's very clear the status quo is no longer an option. It's very easy for us to just continue to keep doing the same thing and hoping that things will improve. That's not a strategy to make a difference.”

~ Archbishop Etienne